Founded in 2019 by Gertjan Smekens, The Business Club is a spin-off of the Kring Der Economische, Politieke & Sociale Wetenschappen. The organization’s main goals are to bring businesses and students together and to ensure a smooth transition after graduation. To achieve these goals the organization wants to provide students guidance and knowledge by applying theory into practice. We’ve noticed that a lot of what is taught during school isn’t applicable on the real world and to close this gap we want to show students what companies are looking for. We aim to provide a stepping stone for the students to close the gap.


The Business Club organizes different events that vary from workshops and lectures to a job fair and company visits. Throughout these activities we try to focus on the importance of learning new skills and gaining general knowledge. A good example is our Investment Club where students receive knowledge from financial market experts and are also enabled to apply that knowledge on a trading game.

If you are interested in participating in one of our events, follow us on Facebook. For any business enquiries you can contact us through our contact form or by sending an email to businessclub@vub.be.



Gino Aytas

MSc in International Business

Quinten Hoffman

BS of Laws

Quichon Coulier

MSc in Business & Technology

Merlijn De meester

MSc in Business Economics

Akbar-Ali Akram
Head of Events


Ever Willems
Head of Jobfair

MSc European studies focus EU-Asia

Aïcha Sy
Team Jobfair

BSc in Political Science

Maxim Verhoeven
Team Jobfair

BSc in Business Economics

Julie Vermeersch
Co-Head of Legal

BS of Laws

Justien Van Strydonck
Co-Head of Legal

BS of Laws

Arthur Delvoie

BS of Laws

Otavio Heiremans
Head of Investment Game

iShares & Wealth Analyst at BlackRock

Lukas Huysmans
Investment Game

BSc in Business Economics

Maoa Carcangiu
Marketing Manager

BSc of Psychology

Imke Thyssen
Marketing Manager

BS in Criminology

Cedric Van Tornhout
Diewert Seynaeve
Sofia Willems

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